Score high on your 10+1. 10+2. NEET, JEE and Board Exams.

Our Vision

Provide world class digital education to millions around the world.

Our Goal

Provide equal opportunity for learning to all students, urban or rural, rich or poor.

Our Approach

Apply proven NASA technology to help students master Math and Science.

Our Method

Use actual tests from Board exams, JEE, NEET and JEE Advanced exams for Continuous Measurable Improvement.

Our Results

Improve competitive exam scores by 40 percent
or more.

Our Hope

Get into a top college of your choice!


Key Features of RankStudentIndia has thousands of tests that cover the 10+1 and 10+2 JEE, Neet, JEE Advanced, CET and Board exams. There are over 75,000 questions each of which has an Answer Elaboration to help you continuously improve your score.

Learning By Testing uses a "test, measure and improve" cycle to help you achieve higher exam scores.


Exams are used to measure your knowledge of a subject.


A report is generated to track your progress and to provide Answer Elaborations.


Your progress is tracked and feedback is provided to help you increase your score with each exam.


Key Benefits of RankStudentIndia provides detailed reports and advanced analytics to help you plot your progress over time. This helps you verify that you are making progress toward your goal to master a subject.